Total Evidence Management Solution

Tracker Products has partnered with the Evidence Management Institute for a paradigm shift in evidence management that can help your agency with every aspect of your operations. Together, we offer full-spectrum evidence management solutions to empower our clients to run sustainable, efficient and effective operations.

Evidence Management Requires a Complex System of Critical Parts Working Together

Like the control gear of a well-oiled machine, automation technology serves as the centerpiece of an optimal evidence management operation. Evidence Management software systems deliver efficiency and accuracy through chain of custody documentation, workflow process automation, integrated accountability mechanisms and real-time data and analysis.

  • One inefficient part slows down the system
  • One ineffective part stops the system
  • One unsustainable part steals long-term success
  • Replacing parts without evaluating the system yields the same antiquated results
  • Broken machines impact the integrity of your evidence operations

The Ultimate Value of an Evidence Management System Can Be Distilled to Two Questions About The Primary Commodities of Evidence Management: Time and Space

Can you save me time?

Manual paper processes and archaic or inefficient technology systems can rob your agency of one irreplaceable resource: time. Quality evidence management systems leverage technology as a force multiplier to decrease wasted time, effort and redundancy to increase the amount of time available to sustainably manage other critical evidence tasks. Automated intake, disposition, movement, data entry, accountability and labeling practices each yield measurable time savings for your agency.

Can you save me space?

Industry wide, between 50% and 80% of evidence stored by law enforcement is eligible for disposition. Without effective disposition measures in place, the volume of physical evidence stored by your agency can quickly outgrow available storage space. An effective evidence management system can’t build you a new facility, but it can help your agency maximize storage efficiency and significantly reduce storage of evidence no longer needed by the justice system.

Our Total Evidence Management Solution was highlighted in a featured article from Police1 by Lexipol: How can your department shift the culture of evidence management? Protection Status