PRICING: True Physical and Digital Evidence Management Without Limits

Easily customize, automate, and scale your evidence operations in the cloud with Tracker Products SAFE.

SAFE for Property and Evidence Management

$ 5,300
/ Year Per CAL*

*CAL= Concurrent Access Licence. The number of CAL purchased equals the number of “users” that can be concurrently logged into the software at the same moment in time. You do not need a CAL for every “user” in your department. Simply stated, when a person logs into the system, a license is utilized. As soon as that person logs out of the software, the license becomes available for another user. Therefore, the number of CALs purchased will equal the maximum number of concurrent users that can be working in the software at once.

The listed price reflects the standard rate for one CAL hosted in our cloud. On-premise rates differ from our standard cloud rate.  Law Enforcement/Public Sector/Non-profit discounts and CAL quantity discounts may be applied where applicable.  Contact us for a detailed estimate of the solution that meets the specific needs of your organization. 

  • Lower Capital and IT Cost
  • Added Security
  • Scalability
  • Anywhere Access & Free Mobile App
  • All features are included (no modules)
  • Ongoing Training and Support

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