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Our Product: SAFE Digital Evidence Management

November 2, 2015

It’s undeniable: we’re living in a digital age. Nowadays, everything from medicine to communication has been computerized. As such, it makes sense that law enforcement and police agencies would follow suit. However, handling sensitive criminal and legal data in a digital manner isn’t without its difficulties. That’s where Tracker comes in. Our sophisticated software, SAFE, gives institutions and organizations the ability to efficiently, easily manage their evidence for excellent results. This product is so effective that our current clients include numerous police departments, the Secret Service, the Department of Defense, and the United States Department of Justice. In the following blog, we describe the basics of digital evidence management.

What is Digital Evidence Management?

Digital evidence management is a system for inputting, processing, storing, accessing, and analyzing information related to legal and criminal investigations. As Bob Galvin explains in his 2013 Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine article on the subject: “Managing evidence is one of law enforcement’s most critical tasks. Yet for thousands of police agencies, it’s overwhelming due to insufficient or no training, rotating personnel, low priority from administrators, and inadequate evidence tracking…Automating evidence management enables property room personnel to know where their evidence is and why.” Tracker is proud to help agencies optimize their operations to solve cases and bring justice to victims across the country.

SAFE Features

There are numerous digital evidence management programs out there, but SAFE is one of the most popular because of the incredible features it offers. Our clients have chosen our software for their agencies because:

The Statistics on SAFE

As law enforcement and police agencies understand, the proof is paramount. Here is the evidence on SAFE:

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