Evidence Management Consulting Services

Tracker Products and the Evidence Management Institute (EMI) have joined forces to offer you the most comprehensive collection of products and services available in the evidence management world today. Our 360º Total Evidence Management Solution (TEMS) is an assemblage of moving parts working together to serve the needs of the evidence management community. 

The one element that seems to keep things running smoothly? Our multi-dimensional evidence management consulting services. 

Most people think of consulting services as a once-and-done effort. Yes, evidence consulting services take place during the initial assessment of your evidence management unit. But, as our software continues to develop and your evidence management processes evolve, so too will your need for additional evidence consulting services. 

Our consulting services are a series of assessments that identify the strengths and weaknesses of your evidence management practices as a means to improve the overall health of your organization. These consultations are a key element in the TEMS assortment of solutions, as they help to design a roadmap of continued improvement. 

Evidence management is not a static process. There are countless moving parts, and our support team can help you adapt to the ever-changing evidence management landscape. 

We exist to engineer a powerful paradigm shift in the property and evidence management community. One that will empower evidence custodians and acknowledge the value of their contribution to the law enforcement community.

Tracker Products and the Evidence Management Institute provide a range of evidence consulting services – some free, some have a fee – to help agencies strengthen their evidence management procedures. These evidence management consulting services include, but are not limited to, software education, integration support, inventory and inspection services, policy and procedure reviews, and assessments and audits.

Evidence Management

Evidence Management Software

At Tracker, we understand that every evidence management department is unique. As part of the complementary evidence management consulting services, we offer several unbiased Evidence Management Software Comparison Resources.

Evidence management software is an investment. Unfortunately, some agencies take shortcuts when determining their software needs and they end up acquiring an evidence management system that lacks the features they need to dramatically improve their evidence management processes. It’s worth doing your due diligence early in the evidence management software buying process to make sure that your agency’s needs are met with the best-fit software system possible.

If, after doing research, you feel that Tracker is right for you, our sales team welcomes the opportunity to consult with you about your evidence management challenges, needs, and goals. We truly believe that Tracker’s advanced evidence tracking system will simplify, streamline, and secure your physical and digital evidence throughout its entire lifecycle – from intake to disposition.


Evidence Management Consulting

As one client wrote, “Tracker is the best vendor I have ever dealt with in 22 years of law enforcement and their software was the best I tested and evaluated. The customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Seriously top-notch all the way around. The officers also love the cloud-based software so they can log evidence in their cruiser while in the field.” – Mike Gross

Our evidence management consulting services will help you to understand both the features and the benefits of Tracker’s SAFE Software. For example, the automated workflow with SMS notifications sends messages to each team’s chain of custody when cases or items are entered and/or updated. Tasks can also be added to cases and/or items. Assigned users are then automatically alerted that a task has been created for them.

Our sales team also provides consulting services to demonstrate how the SAFE App puts the full power of evidence management into the hands of your agency users. For instance, real-time crime scene and remote entry allow officers to load information about physical and digital evidence as they are collecting items in the field. The SAFE App also gives the evidence management team members the freedom to conduct audits, inventories, and inspections while inside their storage facility. No more being tethered to your desk to see the discrepancy reports and assign tasks. 

One of the biggest challenges for most evidence management units is disposition. During our SAFE software evidence management consulting services, our sales team will demonstrate the benefits of using Tracker’s auto-disposition feature. Admin-defined follow-up dates let officers know when their case is up for review. If the response indicates those items are no longer needed, the evidence admin can dispose of them, avoiding unnecessary evidence storage. 

At Tracker, we don’t “just” want to sell you software, we want to provide an evidence management solution that will dramatically improve your evidence management practices. In that spirit, we are more of a partner than a provider. But don’t take our word for it, this is what another client had to say… 

“I have worked on multiple systems throughout my LE career and Tracker is by far the best, most intuitive system. Easy to use, all the bells and whistles. You don’t realize how badly you needed them all along. The people are great there. Super patient. And you can modify darn near everything. I cannot recommend them enough.” – Sabrina Jankovsky Weightman

Software Integration and Support  

Once an agency has implemented the SAFE software, it’s important to have Tracker’s team of evidence management consulting experts provide training and support. This ensures everyone within the organization is up to speed about how to use the evidence management system and take full advantage of its capabilities.

Evidence Management Consulting

Our world-class team of support and implementation professionals is dedicated to helping you transition to a state-of-the-art evidence management software system. But, these evidence management consulting services are not a once-and-done solution. As our software continues to evolve, and your evidence management practices progress, so too will your need for additional support. As long as you are a Tracker client, our Software Integration and Support Team is here for you every step of the way. Free of charge, of course. 

As one client wrote, “My department has been using Tracker since 2009. There is nothing that compares to the program’s ease of operation. The support your agency will receive from them is unmatchable. They are like an extended family that you can count on.” – Tom Icenogle

Evidence management

Training and Consulting 

Evidence management consulting services must include evidence management training and solution specific consulting.

Professional evidence management training provides comprehensive and relevant training for evidence professionals – whether they are seasoned custodians, or new to the industry – that meet the unique and changing needs of today’s evidence room operations. This FREE training – either online or in-person – is NOT software specific. It is general training that is designed to improve your evidence management process and practices. The curriculum is…

  • Driven by our mission to elevate the industry and ensure the integrity of evidence for all stakeholders in the justice system.
  • Designed around evidence management Standards and Best Practices to provide attendees with a blueprint to run efficient and sustainable operations.
  • Facilitates interactive class participation and engages learners with activities that are directly applicable to their agency’s operation
  • An integrated, systematic approach to evidence management.
  • Fills existing knowledge gaps in the area of digital evidence management and teaches attendees to incorporate emerging and existing technology into evidence operations.
  • Attendees will leave the class with a specific toolbox of reference materials, resources, and tools to evaluate and improve their own operations.


Evidence Management Consulting


Audits are an important part of EMI’s evidence management consulting services. Conducting audits is a great way to collect data about compliance and present a visual snapshot of your operational resources, workload analysis, intake processes, digital and physical evidence processing, technology systems, special consideration processes (firearms, narcotics, and currency), reviews of policy procedure, storage and packaging processes, facility conditions, security and safety inspections, and disposal processes.


While audits tend to focus on evidence management compliance, EMI’s assessments review the effectiveness of your evidence management practices. This subcategory of EMI’s evidence management consulting services goes much deeper than measuring basic compliance. 

During this phase of evidence consulting services, EMI will review any number of areas of operations, based on the priorities of your evidence management unit. In general, EMI will assess some or all of the following…

Your Evidence Unit’s:


Tracker and EMI

Together, Tracker Products and the Evidence Management Institute offer a variety of evidence management consulting services to help agencies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their evidence management operations. Our specialists are professionally trained and highly motivated to approach your evidence management process as a collaborative effort; building stable and unique solutions together.

Evidence Management

From evidence management consulting and auditing services to evidence management software and implementation support, our goal is to help you meet the challenging, ever-changing demands of the justice system by providing you with the information and solutions you need to establish effective, efficient, and sustainable evidence management practices.

We wholeheartedly believe that what you do in the world of evidence management is crucial to preserving the integrity of evidence. To us, you are the unsung heroes in the justice system. Unfortunately, many times the accomplishments and the needs of evidence management personnel go unseen, unheard, and unacknowledged, as the evidence management community quietly works away behind locked doors in the dark underbelly of police departments.

We want to help you change that.

Our evidence management consulting services, along with other TEMS – such as Trackers’ SAFE Evidence Management Software, Free in-person and online training, EMI’s evidence consulting and auditing services, the Evidence Management Community Forum (EMCF), the FREE E-Health Check,  “The Evidence Show,” a series of Webinars and Articles, a dedicated Support and Implementation Staff, along with a host of  *other resourcesare solutions that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your evidence management process and dynamically improve inclusive communication with the rest of your police department.  

Improving your evidence management practices is a journey, and our products and evidence consulting services can be your guide. 

*Other resources include, but are not limited to: Trackers’ Blogs, Portfolio, Wiki Page, Evidence Management Software Comparison Tools, and EMI’s  Standards and Best Practices, Evidence Resource Links, and Blogs. Plus, our daily social media posts are loaded with information!    


Why should you consider hiring an evidence management consultant?

There are many reasons to hire an evidence management consultant. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Understanding and implementing an evidence management system
  • Conducting an audit or assessment of your evidence management operations
  • Training your staff on how to use your new evidence management system
  • Obtaining funding for an evidence management system.

How do I know if I need an evidence management consultant?

If you’re not sure whether you need an evidence consultant, the best way to find out is to contact us. We can discuss your specific needs and help you make a decision.

What type of training do your evidence management consultants provide?

EMI provides comprehensive on-site and online training evidence management training that meets the specific needs of their clients. At Tracker, we offer assistance with system implementation, troubleshooting, and more. 

Who can benefit from this service?

Anyone who needs help managing their evidence can benefit from our multi-dimensional evidence management consulting services. This includes law enforcement agencies, members of the justice system, and other government organizations.

When should you consider evidence management consulting?

There are many times when hiring an evidence management consultant is the best course of action. Here are some common scenarios:

  • You’re new to the evidence management world
  • You’re having problems with your current evidence management system and need help resolving them
  • You need to understand how to stay compliant with government regulations

Tracker Products and The Evidence Management Institute want to contribute to your ongoing education through… a series of FREE online evidence management training classes. Watch and comment on the Tracker Products webinars here. Check out The Evidence Show! Or – to get in on the discussion, with over 800 evidence custodians – join the Evidence Management Community Forum on Facebook. 

***NEW – FREE! In-Person, Two-Day Evidence Management Certification Training Classes

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