Implementation and Support

Once an agency has chosen a new system, it’s important to have an implementation and support team that will provide ongoing expert training and support. This ensures that everyone can use the evidence management system and take full advantage of its capabilities.

Before we talk about implementation and support training, let’s talk about the team. 

The Implementation and Support Team

Carrie Vaughn has been an Implementation Specialist for Tracker Products since 2016. Carrie is an expert in data imports and customizing the SAFE software to meet client-specific needs. Using her customer service, project management, and organizational background, Carrie delivers a seamless integration experience from start to finish.

Carrie exceeds client expectations by identifying unrealized opportunities for improvement. She believes it’s critical for evidence management personnel to leverage the data Tracker’s SAFE software gathers to create personalized reports that will increase their police department’s awareness, support, and resources.


Beth Bennett has been a Tracker Products Implementation Specialist since October 2018. Previously, she ran a property & evidence room for 13 years. While there, Beth used Fluid – Tracker’s previous software – for 10 of the 13 years she was with the agency. Having been on both sides of the fence – client & vendor – she has worked with numerous agencies in both capacities.

Beth is able to take client data & populate their evidence management software in a way that optimizes their experience with SAFE. Her perspective as a property manager & SAFE specialist helps to organize information in a way that is intuitive for users, while also providing them with customized data that they can then use to obtain additional funding and resources. 


Megan Mason joined Tracker Products as an Import Specialist in November of 2022.

Previously, she was a NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and an IAAI Certified Evidence Collection Technician. Her responsibilities included evidence collection on loss scenes, evidence management within secure storage facilities throughout the country – using Tracker Products’ SAFE software – and conducting fire investigations. She has served as Assistant Captain of the Knox Fire Department, Emergency Response Coordinator of the Town of Knox, and Assistant Quartermaster for the Delmar Fire Department.

*** By contacting us through, the ticketing system knows who is available to help you quickly and which team members are best qualified to respond to your query. You can also contact the support team in the chat box at the bottom right of your screen.  


Why are Implementation and Support Important?

Implementation and Support  

Now that you’ve gotten to know the core team, let’s talk about the reason that our implementation and support team is key to Tracker’s success.

Buying evidence management software and just throwing it in place is not going to fix your problems. Software is one component of a larger process. Yes, our software is relatively intuitive. But, even if you’re technically savvy, and can figure out the basic features of the SAFE software system, you won’t be able to use it to its full capacity without the help of the implementation and support team. 

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Initial Implementation and Support Training

The team will teach you about…

  • Logging In – Where Users can reset their own password
  • The Dashboard – Explain widgets and how they can help the Org. Admin
  • Creating Cases/Persons/Items – Explain the most efficient way (Duplicating vs. Splitting)
  • Searching – How to Search Cases/Persons/Items
  • Combining Case and Item Searches, then creating a widget
  • Scanning – How to Scan, Move, Create and Add Items to Containers
  • Creating and assigning tasks to Users
  • System Customization – Explain how and why to customize the settings section in SAFE
  • Permission Groups and User Admin setup
  • General Tools – Sessions, License Allocations
  • Tags – What are they?  How to set up for individuals and the organization
  • Workflows and Alerts (i.e., Sex Assault Kits)
  • Reports and Reporting – Explaining the Report Builder
  • The SAFE Mobile App – How, Why, and When to use it

In-Depth Implementation and Support Training

  • SAFE – Account usage, Container option, Merging Persons, grid view customization, Tabs (meaning of numbers). What are Tags and why should I use them? Storage Locations. Only show what a user has access to.
  • Customization – Disabling standard fields, Translation files, changing standard drop downs, Custom Data (Forms). Grid customization, reporting, and questions
  • Containers – How to create and effectively use Containers in SAFE.
  • Auto Disposition – What is Auto Disposition, how can it help me, and how can I set it up in SAFE?
  • Custom Data (Forms) – How to create Custom Fields, and attach and use them. Example: Setup for vehicle Make, Model, and SN.
  • Creating Custom Reports – How to create Custom Reports in SAFE.
  • User Settings and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) – How to configure User Settings and set up MFA using Google Authenticator in SAFE.
  • Admin Level Widget Creation on the Dashboard – How to create Saved Searches and put them into a Widget that resides on the Dashboard.
  • Storage Locations – How to set up and apply permissions and remove if needed
  • Discrepancy Reports and Random Audits – What are Discrepancy Reports? When and why should you use them? How can you run them?
  • SAFE – New Features – Expungement, multiple Case Officers in a Case, Tasking, Notes, Scan Page functionality, Tagging and Permission Groups, the Settings page, and sharing Media.
  • Advanced Searching – How to Save and combine Searches, create Widgets from those Searches, and share them.

All of this may sound overwhelming to you. And honestly, it probably would be… if you were going it alone. But, you’re not. And there’s no expiration date for our implementation and support team. They will be there for you every step of the way. 

implementation and Support

The support team knows when updates are needed, when new features are added, and how your existing data or reports have been improved. They are always available to walk you through the changes. No question is too small, and no problem is too big for them to handle.        

Ben Townsend, the founder and CEO of Tracker Products since 2001, has said, “The implementation and support team is the key to having a successful long-term relationship with our clients. We don’t want our clients to just be satisfied with our support team, or even happy, we want them to be ecstatic!” 

And apparently, clients are…   

“My department has been using Tracker since 2009. There is nothing that compares to the program’s ease of operation. The support your agency will receive from them is unmatchable. They are like an extended family that you can count on.” – Tom Icenogle

“Tracker is the best vendor I have ever dealt with in 22 years of law enforcement and their software was the best I tested and evaluated. The customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Seriously top-notch all the way around. The officers also love the cloud-based software so they can log evidence in their cruiser while in the field.” – Mike Gross

“I have worked on multiple systems throughout my LE career and Tracker is by far the best, most intuitive system. Easy to use, all the bells and whistles. You don’t realize how badly you needed them all along. The people are great there. Super patient. And you can modify darn near everything. I cannot recommend them enough.” – Sabrina Jankovsky Weightman

For more information, please visit our WikiPage.  Or, if you’d like to connect, please send an email to, or contact the support team via the chat box on the bottom right of your screen. Protection Status