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Hungry for Better Evidence Management?

May 22, 2019

Tracker Products Lunch and Evidence Management Software Demonstrations

Evidence Management

Imagine you have created a software company from the ground up that specializes in evidence management; how do you spread the word about your company? The answer is simple, food and information!

In 2005 when Tracker Products was born to carry out the mission to 1) provide an efficient means to manage evidence, 2) ensure agency accountability, and 3) streamline the evidence management process – it did so by visiting departments with information and lunch in hand.

Today our on-site demonstrations continue to be how we share our software features with those interested. A meeting location will be set, and potential clients will be invited to see a demonstration of our Evidence Management Software called SAFE.

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When you have a room full of industry professionals and law enforcement personnel, there are no words to describe the networking that takes place. It always ends positively because no matter what – communication occurred.

When departments share their evidence management successes, failures, and unique experiences; most often than not there are other departments are facing the same. We love to share how our software can make their life easier by providing solutions to their property and evidence problems they are facing.  Or even better, we love when current clients at the demonstration share how SAFE can solve their evidence management issues.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of SAFE or setting up a Lunch and Demonstration at your location, please fill out our Get Started Form.  One of our specialists would love to contact you and set it up. Protection Status