Evidence Management -E-Health Check Special Offer

Tracker Products has partnered with the Evidence Management Institute in a paradigm shift that can help your agency with every aspect of your operations. Together, we offer full-spectrum evidence management solutions to empower our clients to run sustainable, efficient and effective operations.  EMI’s E-Health check is an ideal first step to evaluate the health of your evidence operations.

About EMI's E-Health Check

The Evidence Management Institute E-Health Check is designed to provide clients with a snapshot of their operations compared to key performance indicators for sustainable evidence operations.With basic pieces of information about your agency’s evidence operations, we will provide you with a report detailing areas you might consider addressing as you work towards sustainable evidence management.

You don’t have to provide specifics or any sensitive information regarding your operations, and the information you’re unable to provide can often be just as useful as hard data.

Evaluation Areas

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness, a measure of your agency’s capacity to provide service, complete essential evidence management processes and maximize the resources provided to ensure a secure chain of custody.
  • Sustainability, a measure of your agency’s long-term capacity to provide appropriate evidence management services that can accommodate the changing needs of the justice system, future challenges and withstand management or leadership changes without a
    significant drop in service.
  • Accountability, a measure of the processes employed by your agency to ensure that evidence management operations comply with internal and statutory requirements, ensure the integrity of evidence, and ensure a secure chain of custody for all evidence.

Chain Strength Ratings:

For each assessment area, we provide four possible ratings as an overall measure to gauge your operation.

  • Strong. Based on your responses, your agency excels in this aspect of evidence management.
  • Average. Based on your responses, your agency falls within expected norms.
  • Susceptible. Based on your responses, this area may be susceptible as a weak link in your operation. Consider taking a deeper look into this area to safeguard the integrity of your agency’s evidence management operations.
  • Broken. Based on your responses, this is an area that requires immediate attention to ensure

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