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You may have scoured our website, compared Tracker’s SAFE software to other available options, or even started wading through the wealth of information on our wiki page, but you still have evidence management questions.

Whether you’re interested in receiving more information, a free trial, a demo, or would like to participate in a lunch and learn, we’re here to help!

More Information

Every evidence management unit has unique needs, and the information that we’ve provided may not address a very specific challenge or requirment that your department has. Perhaps a chat will answer your question, or a follow-up email with the type of information that you’re looking for may do the trick. Either way, we’re happy to be here for you! 


If you’re ready to take your research to the next level, it’s time for a demo of Tracker’s SAFE technology. These demos can take place virtually or in-person, and they take about 45 – 60 minutes. We will cover the features and benefits of our evidence management software, such as: the Dashboard, Automated Workflow, Tasking, Auto-Disposition, the Mobile App, and Customization. All of which are designed to save you time and space. 

Free Trial

Still on the fence? Then it’s time for a free trial. At this point, we create a virtual site for you and import mock practice data. The trial site is a real site in a shared cloud environment, and if you decide to purchase, your trial site will become your live site.  Everything will be wiped clean and you’ll be ready to begin training.

Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn is one of the most effective ways to combine the three previous categories. Not only will we do a demo, we’ll also show you what it’s like to navigate through the software, including a tour through a mock case that shows the evidence involved and the entire chain of custody history. You can ask as many questions as you like, and we will also send you any additional information that you request.  

Tracker’s SAFE evidence management software makes it easy for you to manage every step of the evidence lifecycle, from collection through disposition. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to reach out today! Protection Status