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Total Evidence Management Solution (TEMS) 

No matter where you are on your evidence management or law enforcement journey, Tracker Products and the Evidence Management Institute (EMI) are here to support you every step of the way. 

Tracker’s SAFE software is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of law enforcement, and help evidence custodians automate all aspects of evidence management from collection through disposition. EMI delivers a new standard in evidence management training, certification, and consulting. 

Together, our 360º Total Evidence Management Solution (TEMS) is designed to create a paradigm shift in the field of evidence management. These multi-dimensional, full-spectrum evidence management solutions – some are free, some have a fee – will help you to run efficient, effective, and sustainable operations for many years to come.


Evidence Management


Simply put, our combined mission is to empower the evidence management community. We do that by connecting evidence custodians via Facebook’s Evidence Management Community Forum, and by providing a wealth of information and FREE educational opportunities.

Of course, Tracker’s SAFE software and EMI’s consulting services are what keep the lights on, so we would love to work with you. But for us, we’re on a bigger mission – To transform the culture of evidence management and celebrate the contribution evidence custodians make to the justice system as a whole.

In the two-plus years since we started the Evidence Management Community Forum on FB, it has grown at breakneck speed. Over 800 evidence management and law enforcement personnel have joined the forum and are using it as a safe haven to promote connection and open communication. 

evidence management

As we followed the conversations, something became very clear: Most of the people on the forum had very limited resources. By resources, we certainly mean financial, but they also lacked access to information and education. Why? A) Because they couldn’t afford them and B) They didn’t know where to find them for free. 

That was a wake-up call for us. We needed to do more, and we needed to do it for free. 

Armed with the means, motivation, and opportunity we got busy creating everything from webinars to self-assessment tools, and online and in-person training. And, just like the FB community forum… the content blew up. 

Tracker’s webinars have been viewed over 1,600 times. EMI’s “The Evidence Show,” has been watched 1,500 times. Tracker’s blogs have been read nearly 20,000 times! And, EMI’s FREE Online Evidence Management Training has been viewed nearly 4000 times!  

Our Most Popular (FREE) Content

  • Tracker’s Webinars – Live or recorded, they are loaded with: Virtual Evidence Unit Tours, Evidence Management Best Practices,  Tips for Getting the Tools You Need to Improve Operations, and much more!
  • The Evidence Show– In each episode, EMI discusses the unique issues that impact evidence managers, custodians, and the law enforcement community in general. Most episodes include special guests who are experts on a variety of topics. 
  • Tracker’s Blogs – Topics include, but are not limited to, Best Practices, Audits, Inventories, Packaging, Digital Evidence Storage, Disposition, etc. 
  • FREE Evidence Management Training Videos – This online training includes 8 hours of EMI evidence management training, an online exam, and a completion certificate.

Our Most Popular (FREE) Assessment Tools

  • The Evidence Management Comparison WorksheetThis free downloadable spreadsheet is pre-populated with 49 factors to consider.  You have the ability to rank the importance of each factor and add additional fields for consideration.
  • The E-Health Check – a FREE assessment designed to provide evidence personnel with a snapshot of their operations compared to key performance indicators for sustainable evidence operations. 
  • FREE TEMS Audit – Every new Tracker Products client, who purchases two or more Concurrent Access Licenses (CALs), will receive a free audit. The audit begins with the online E-Health Check. Based on the results of the EHealth Check, audits may include a policy and procedure review, facility inspection, and an organization, packaging, and storage review.

Our Most Popular (FREE) Community Efforts

evidence management


We wholeheartedly believe that what you do in the world of evidence management is crucial to preserving the integrity of evidence. To us, you are the unsung heroes in the justice system. Unfortunately, many times the accomplishments and the needs of evidence management personnel go unseen, unheard, and unacknowledged, as the evidence management community quietly works away behind locked doors in the dark underbelly of police departments.

We want to help you change that. 

Tracker Products and the Evidence Management Institute (EMI) have joined forces to offer you the most comprehensive collection of products and services available in the evidence management world today. Our 360º Total Evidence Management Solution (TEMS) is an assemblage of moving parts working together to serve the needs of the evidence management community. 

These solutions are, by no means, static. As we continue to listen to the voices on the Evidence Management Community Forum – and to the requests of our clients – we commit to expanding our resources to include new and meaningful information. 

We hope that you will take some time to invest in yourself. Dive into the links and resources that interest you the most. No matter your level of evidence management experience, there is always more you can learn, and more people you can connect with. 

As they say, knowledge is power. The more you know the more power you will have to create positive changes within your evidence management unit. Let today be the first day that you decide to become a pioneer of culture change within your corner of the evidence management world. 

Powerful change, in this case, begins with a simple click. Get started now!  

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