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Evidence Management – In-Person SAFE Training Classes

July 7, 2022

Whether you’re new to Tracker’s SAFE software or you’ve been using it for years, our 2-Day in-person evidence management training classes will dramatically improve your evidence units proficiency. This in-depth training will not only help you take full advantage of SAFE’s range of capabilities, it just might help your evidence management unit build a business case for additional resources. 

New SAFE Clients

We have found that evidence custodians who have wanted state-of-the-art software for years – and have finally gotten it – are both excited and tentative about dynamically changing the way they manage evidence. 

It can be overwhelming to think about how many steps are involved in revamping the entire process, beginning with data transfers, all the way through onboarding officers, command staff, and users outside of the PD – like lab techs and legal representatives. The problem with feeling overwhelmed is that anxiety is not conducive to the learning process, especially if you don’t feel naturally technically savvy. 

The good news is, you’re not going it alone. Our Implementation and Support Team will help you every step of the way. And, if testimonials were awards, they would have to build a bigger office to house them all. As one client said…

 “Tracker is the best vendor I have ever dealt with in 22 years of law enforcement and their software was the best I tested and evaluated. The customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Seriously top-notch all the way around. The officers also love the cloud-based software so they can log evidence in their cruiser while in the field.” – Mike Gross

 Seasoned SAFE Users

Through the years, we have found that some of our clients don’t use Tracker’s SAFE software to its fullest potential. All of us are guilty of this. Unless we’re passionate about a topic – like gardening, sports, cooking, or a creative endeavor – most of us just acquire the basic knowledge that we need to get by. Then we get stuck in our routines and don’t even think about upping our game. 

Remember that nervous newbie? Seasoned Tracker clients were once in their shoes. As one client said, “Before we started the implementation process, the whole concept of completely changing the way we managed evidence seemed like mission impossible. I couldn’t even think straight.” 

Hearing that makes you wonder about all of the information our new clients don’t retain because they were flooded with adrenaline. 

The Benefits of a SAFE Education 

Evidence Management

Tracker’s in-person SAFE Training Classes are especially effective because the information is delivered in a relaxed, inclusive environment. You can network with colleagues, pose questions to our expert presenters, and come away with advice and best practices that will help you improve the policies and procedures in your evidence management unit.

For those of you who are new to Tracker’s evidence management software, you will learn a LOT during the in-person classes. For our seasoned professionals, you’ll remember a LOT and learn some new things too. The phrase we hear most often when re-training our pros? Oh, I forgot about that feature! 

And don’t forget, we are constantly improving Tracker’s SAFE software. There may be new features or benefits that you’re not aware of. So whether you’ve just begun to use Tracker’s SAFE software or you’ve been using it for years, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to leave the 2-Day training class without having learned (or re-learned) some valuable information about the software.

Unexpected Rewards for Your Evidence Unit 


Learning is, in itself, a reward. But, what if learning more about the SAFE software – that you already have – yielded even more tangible results? Like, for example, smart lockers, high-density storage solutions, or a larger evidence facility? 

In a previous blog called, USING YOUR EVIDENCE ROOM DATA AS AN ANALYTICAL TOOL, we interviewed David Bragg of the Bowling Green PD. He said, “Every year, I do a year-end analysis of our evidence room. Using quantifiable data, and putting it in some form of a simple visual aid, kind of slaps you in the face from a management standpoint. 

I mean, these charts don’t lie. It’s eye-opening for me, for command staff, our legislators, and our board of commissioners. I can tell you… it worked for us. We were reaching capacity in the storage facility. So, our command officers took this data, presented it to our city manager, and then presented it to our board of commissioners. They looked at the data and realized that Yes, you are in need. Very quickly, the board of commissioners approved a two-story, 10-car-bay, bulk-storage facility on our headquarters site.”

Talk about a success story! And, that’s only one way you can leverage the data that Tracker’s SAFE software collects. With customizable fields, you can literally build a business case for any of your unit’s specific needs. 

What type of things will we cover in the 2-Day classes? Let’s take a look…

Evidence Management  

2022 SAFE Class Goals

2022 SAFE Class Topics

Buying evidence management software and just throwing it in place is not going to fix your problems. Yes, Tracker’s SAFE software is relatively intuitive. But, even if you are technically savvy, and can figure out the basic features of the SAFE software system, you will never use it to its full capacity without ongoing, in-depth training. 

This 2-Day training class is not for evidence custodians who think they have nothing to learn. It’s for those who want to learn everything they can in order to run one of the most efficient, effective, and sustainable evidence management units in the country today. Protection Status