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Evidence Management: 7 Ways Tracker Makes Our Products Easy to Use

October 28, 2015

Let’s face it: newfangled software can be difficult to learn and implement, especially in evidence management. How many of us have struggled to install a new program or figure out the buttons on an app? At Tracker Products, we provide evidence management, asset management, and e-Discovery software. Our SAFE product helps organizations, institutions, and companies organize, store, and analyze their information. We know busy police agencies and major corporations don’t have time to wrestle with challenging software, so we strive to make our products as simple and streamlined as possible. In the following blog, we cover seven ways we make our products easy to use.

1. We’ve created intuitive interfaces for them.

Evidence Management

SAFE has a clean, clear central dashboard. Our streamlined design makes it easy to label items, review cases, read messages, add new items, search your information, adjust your settings, and more. We even include automated charts and graphs to give you a visual representation of your data on your dashboard.

2. Our mobile apps let you track your data on the go.

evidence management

At Tracker Products, we know that law enforcement professionals and corporate executives may need to access and analyze important information outside of the office. With our mobile applications, you can view your data with the click of a button or tap of a finger. The SAFE app also has built-in barcode functionality, allowing you to easily tag and scan evidence.

3. We use standard API models to integrate with other programs you use.

Evidence management

We understand that your Tracker Products’ program isn’t the only software your organization uses, so we do our best to make our systems interoperable with others. Our technicians have coded our offerings according to API (Application Programming Interface) standards. We also make sure our products are compatible with the latest and greatest in CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch), RMS (Records Management Systems), and other popular programs.

4. Tracker products allow you to view physical and digital evidence side by side.

Evidence Management

Tracker Products’ software lets users retrieve, view, and assess physical and digital data simultaneously. We’re one of the only companies that provide this important functionality. Without this feature, tracking your information would be much more cumbersome, inconvenient, and time-consuming. It just makes sense that you should be able to compare and evaluate all types of evidence in one powerful system.

5. We provide automated alerts and review dates.

Evidence Management

With our advanced apps and sophisticated software, the Tracker team strove to make our clients’ daily lives as easy as possible. SAFE  will send you alerts surrounding significant cases and remind you of upcoming review dates so you don’t miss your deadlines.

6. We can customize your software to meet your needs.

Evidence Management

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Our evidence tracking would be so much simpler if only we could…” or “I wish my dashboard would…”? The Tracker team is here to make your data management dreams come true. We can customize your software according to your exact specifications. This could involve rearranging your dashboard, coding special search capabilities into your program, or creating personalized report forms.

7. Tracker offers free upgrades.

evidence management

We’ve worked hard to make our products as easy to use as possible, but we recognize that tracking technology is constantly evolving. While other companies might make you pay for updated features to enhance your experience, we provide upgrades at absolutely no cost. Once you’ve purchased SAFE, you’ll constantly get the best we have to offer.

Find Out How Easy to Use Tracker Products Are For Yourself

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