Evidence Control Systems

Full-spectrum evidence management solutions empowering clients to run sustainable, efficient and effective operations

Evidence Control Systems

Our powerful digital evidence management system provides Law Enforcement agencies with affordable, flexible and easy to use systems for managing evidence and property.

Custody and control of physical evidence is a critical component in building a successful prosecution case. Our team is dedicated to providing agencies with total solutions for managing evidence in a way that’s secure, safe and compliant with local laws.

A cost-effective solution that is easy to use.

No training or IT support required. Import and manage your own electronic or physical data.

Streamline evidence intake and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Flexible sharing options

Control who can read or view evidence, manage access & permissions, set individual audit trails. All your data in one place. All property and evidence data can be viewed and managed in a single platform.

Evidence data can be shared with Law Enforcement agencies, Prosecutor Offices, Defense Counsel and custodial officers.

Mobile apps for field officers to easily add an entry on the move, including photos. Integrated information from external sources such as digital evidence from evidence.com.