Evidence Control Systems

Full-spectrum evidence management solutions empowering clients to run sustainable, efficient and effective operations.

When you partner with Tracker Products, you get more than just the world’s most comprehensive evidence management software. Our software is used by some of the most respected names in law enforcement, military, and private security, and we are proud to offer a complete suite of products that can be tailored to fit any size operation.

With Tracker, you get a team of professionals committed to making sure your operation is sustainable, efficient, and effective. Our evidence control system is designed to give you the power and tools to manage your operation your way, with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change.


Evidence Control Systems

Controlling physical evidence is essential to building a successful prosecution case, and providing solutions that are secure, safe, and compliant with local laws is the core of Tracker Products’ mission! That’s why our digital evidence management system provides an affordable and flexible solution for managing property and evidence for Law Enforcement agencies.

A cost-effective solution that is easy to use.

By using cost-effective solutions, we ensure that security and safety are not compromised, and that your organization exceeds local laws while staying ahead of changing community needs as well.

No training or IT support required

The software is incredibly easy for anyone to use. There is no need for training or IT support. Simply import and manage your own electronic or physical data. Streamline evidence intake and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Flexible sharing options.

The data in your business is valuable, and you need security measures to protect it. But there’s no need for sloppy work when a few clicks will do! We offer flexible sharing options that let you control who can read or view evidence, manage access & permissions, and set individual audit trails, and all your property/evidence data can be viewed on a singe platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is evidence control?

The process of organizing, labeling and protecting necessary evidence in a criminal investigation. Evidence can be used in court to prove that a certain person committed a crime. This evidence must be protected from contamination. From the scene to the lab, evidence needs to be protected from damage. If the evidence is not properly documented and preserved, it will not be admissible in court and cannot effectively hold a suspect accountable for their crime.

What is proper evidence management?

Proper evidence management is a process of collecting, storing, and preserving evidence that has been created by law enforcement agencies. It can consist of a number of things, such as making sure that the evidence is appropriately labeled and dated, and securely storing the evidence, so it cannot be tampered with. The primary purpose is to protect the evidence so that it can be used effectively in court. Evidence control systems are necessary for police departments to properly manage and maintain evidence. These systems provide a procedural guideline for how an agency will document, store, retrieve, transport, analyze and dispose of all forms of evidence.

What is evidence management software?

A software that allows law enforcement or other users to: -Efficiently organize files by type -Automated document manager for easy retrieval -Inspect & compare images across study types -Integrated data entry -Streamline evidence management processes. -Offers end-to-end solution

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