Our Tracking Software is unmatched

Our barcode tracking software package is designed to support your company every step of the way. Simplicity. That’s the key. The Tracker Products world-class software system is intuitive, customizable and well – amazingly easy!

Asset Tracking Made Easy

Whether you have a single location or offices across multiple geographical locations, our software is a one-stop collection point for tracking all of your assets. From computers to cell phones to hard drives and printers, Tracker Products has you covered.

Your employees may have company computers, cell phones, tablets, removable storage devices and more. Do you know where those are? Who has access to them? What happens to them when the employee leaves? Do you know how many company laptops are due for replacement? What operating system are you running on each? Thousands of software systems track assets. We Do It Better!

One click shows you who has what. The next click? What those assets are. Search by employee ID number, first name, last name: When you get there, you’ll have all the information you need!

On a wider scope, check out the assets across your entire company! Wondering how many computers you have? How about tablets or phones or printers? Know with one click!

Action is Critical

An API platform allows for seamless integration to any existing system.

You receive that call – the one where your legal department or human resources officer notifies you of a legal hold on an employee. When assets become evidence, action is critical. How quickly can you track down all of the assets assigned to that employee? With Tracker Products, the answer is simple: Immediately! Forget the worries and possible liabilities that come with any legal hold.

With Tracker Products, assets assigned to individuals are easily identified and reports can be printed on the fly. Our wide range of customizable options provides you with a tailor-made system. And because our solution is browser based, the critical reports you need are always accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone where internet access is available.

Feature-Rich Software

  • Tracks both physical and digital evidence
  • Streamlined dashboard
  • Offers unparalleled customization
  • Provides advanced stats and reporting
  • Integrates your automated workflows
  • Saves time, money and manpower