System Architecture


Our Evidence Management Software is Cloud Based: Why is that Important?

While not necessarily a user-facing feature, one of the most important factors for software selection is system architecture. SAFE is a fully cloud-hosted solution, which is a critical component of data integrity and chain of custody permanence. Locally hosted solutions, even those backed up to a cloud environment, lack the fundamental ability to meet the needs of justice stakeholders. SAFE is also built on leading-edge framework for long-term platform sustainability and reliability. SAFE is a product built to grow with future innovations in technology.

Advantages  of a Cloud-Based Evidence Management System Over On-Premises Computing

1. Cost: If you compare the cost of hosting your application and data on a cloud solution, you’ll find that it is cheaper than setting up the servers yourself. Hosting SAFE in the cloud allows you to forego the cost of purchasing servers and hardware for setting up your own data center. You also minimize the need for IT professionals to manage your servers and the utility bills that come with running a server.

2. Security: Many people assume that browser and cloud-based systems are less secure than conventional computing methods. However, especially today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, storing vital case information on remote servers could pose certain cyber-security risks, especially with hacking on the rise. However, precisely because these concerns are so prevalent, providers have worked to make their systems as protected as possible through encryption, backups, advanced login functions, and other safeguards.

3. Scalability: In the digital age, law enforcement agencies and police departments can collect more evidence than ever before. Smartphone videos, text messages, emailed documents, and other information could be crucial in bringing justice to victims. However, in a traditional LAN system, digital storage space can become a major issue. In order to avoid investing in yet another expensive external hard drive, officers might be tempted to erase old, seemingly useless information or keep only the clearest evidence from a case. Ideally, it would be easy to keep all the evidence ever collected throughout an investigation just in case it becomes pertinent. With a browser and cloud-based system, agencies and organizations can immediately and inexpensively add on greater remote storage capacity.

4. Instant Access: Another key benefit of these systems is that they are simple and efficient to use. Approved officers and investigators can log in and manage evidence from any device at any time, so long as they have the appropriate logins. SAFE’s mobile application makes our browser and cloud-based software even more convenient.

The Future is Now

Let’s face it: browser and cloud-based programs are the standards for good reason. They’re universal—your email, social media accounts, and other everyday programs are already on the cloud. Since SAFE is ahead of the game in this respect, it makes it easier for us to constantly update our features—and we do so constantly, at no additional cost to our users. Protection Status