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In our digitized world, businesses, organizations, and agencies store and manage important information on their computers and in the cloud. Tracker offers advanced tracking software to simplify, streamline, and secure these processes. We’ve helped a wide array of clients operate more optimally with our revolutionary tracking software. Rest assured that your software will be easy to use, affordable, and your data stored in compliant servers with appropriate regulations. To find out more about what our software can do for you, contact Tracker Products today.

About Tracker Products


In 2004, company owner, Ben Townsend, received a task from a client to research potential software options to manage police evidence. Upon researching the existing market, it was found that there were little to no valuable options to choose from. Ben set out with a team of software developers to design software that would meet the needs of his client. Once development was complete in 2005, Ben Townsend founded the Limited Liability Company known as Tracker Products to continue development and market said software to new clients.


Our mission is to (1) provide an efficient means to manage evidence, (2) ensure agency accountability, and (3) streamline the evidence management process. Tracker continues to improve in order to meet the needs of our ever-growing client list. What started out as add-ons and custom jobs eventually became the framework for newer, more advanced versions of the software.


Modern police and law enforcement agencies need to collect, access, track, and assess evidence. Tracker has taken full advantage of today’s technology to create the most advanced evidence management software on the market, SAFE. Along with state of the art barcode tracking, digital and physical data storage, non-amendable chain of custody, and digital signature collection, SAFE also has an intuitive interface to make all of these functions easy to perform. In addition, you can customize this software for even better results. The Boston, Omaha, and St. Louis Police Departments, as well as the United States Department of Justice, Secret Service, and Department of Defense currently track their evidence with SAFE.

Our Team

Do you need a better system for managing evidence, collections, assets, legal records, or other sensitive information? We can help you get back on track. Contact us today to learn more about Tracker’s software or get a free trial.