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Tracker Products’ SAFE App puts the full power of SAFE evidence management technology into the hands of your agency users. We are the only vendor that will have a physical and digital evidence ‘loader’ for your iPhone or Android device. Real time crime scene and remote entry. Yes, entering your evidence and digital evidence as you are collecting them!

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Users can work from anywhere and on any internet-connected device without installing software

Tracker Products’ SAFE Technology is a browser-based evidence software solution that allows you to enter, view and edit records, print reports, barcodes, and more via the web browser of your choice. No software to install on computers or servers, no updates that require IT support. Tracker’s Software Development team manages system-wide SAFE updates on a scheduled basis guaranteeing you have the latest enhancements.

Infinitely Customizable

Who better to tailor your evidence software than you?

Tracker Products’ SAFE evidence software is infinitely customizable. You can create as many custom fields as you wish, enabling you to track the movement, storage, and possession of virtually anything.

What’s the benefit of customization?

Ever used a software product that required hours of work from your vendor to update even the simplest of options, if it could be done at all?  With Tracker Products’ SAFE evidence software, you’ll never have to wait around for someone else to tailor the product to fit your workflow. Our system customization features put the power of change in your hands.

The choice is yours when it comes to how your SAFE evidence software looks and operates. After all, you know more about your company’s tracking needs than anyone else. Modify any of the pre-existing data fields, their names, input requirements, default values and any of the options in a drop-down or radio input field. Create any number of custom data input fields to reflect the types of items managed by your unique organization and to track the chain of custody, movement, and storage of every item in your inventory.

User administration

SAFE’s User Administration feature allows you, the system administrator, to quickly and easily customize access for each of the users in your organization, improving security and overall performance by focusing each user’s access to the individual permissions within your evidence tracking system. Not only does it make the user’s job easier because there’s less to sift through when navigating the interface, but it ensures that only users with acceptable status have the ability to perform certain tasks.

Unlimited custom fields

Data collection fields create the framework for any digital tracking system. With SAFE, you have the ability to easily create as many of them as you need. Design your custom tracking system by choosing from text, dropdown, radio, checkbox, date and time fields to collect the data that will be used to track and account for each and every item in your system.

Automated Tools

Robust, built-in features designed to make your job easier

How quickly can you find inventory answers today? Is it painless for you to provide consistent monthly and annual reporting statistics? SAFE users are saving valuable resources by finding the information they need quickly and consistently through our customized Dashboard, the implementation of Auto Disposition, and so much more. There are no modules involved – one price, all the benefits. And because Tracker Products is browser-based, SAFE evidence software system updates are seamlessly delivered on a monthly basis without an additional invoice! Generate data in real-time, share what you need to when you need to – and save your organization both time and money. Our computing power is unmatched!

Who uses SAFE evidence tracker?

The U.S. Army and Navy overseas. Police Departments from Maine to California. State Highway Patrols. Law Firms. Forensic labs. Hospitals. Museums. Universities. Their common ground? They all need to track the collection, processing, and storage of information: Everything from inventories to case histories. Their solution? They chose our evidence management system: The Tracker Products revolutionary browser-based, chain of custody, evidence tracking software. Problem solved.

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