The Biggest Challenges to Evidence Management: Not Enough Time or Space

Not Enough Time

Manual paper processes and archaic or inefficient technology systems can rob your agency of one irreplaceable resource: Time. Wasted time and effort decrease the amount of time available to manage other critical evidence tasks such as audits, inventories, inspections, and dispositions. Ignoring these tasks can create liability issues for Law Enforcement agencies.

Not Enough Space

Industry-wide, between 50% and 80% of evidence stored by law enforcement is eligible for disposition. Without effective disposition measures in place, the volume of physical evidence stored by your agency can quickly outgrow available storage space, resulting in the need for a larger storage facility. The result? Wasted resources at a tremendous cost.

The Solution

Quality evidence management systems leverage technology as a force multiplier to automate intake, labeling, data entry, transfers, audits, inventories, chain of custody, and disposition – resulting in measurable time savings for your agency.

An effective evidence management system can also help your agency maximize storage efficiency and significantly reduce the storage of evidence that is no longer needed by the justice system.

Automated Tools

Automated Tools

SAFE features automated tools designed for efficiency. These include auto disposition for evidence storage, customizable dashboards, mobile app integration, and automated workflow notifications via SMS or email. The system supports barcode scanning and maintains a secure chain of custody, ensuring all actions are time-stamped and documented. Task automation reduces email reliance by attaching tasks to cases/items and providing automatic alerts. These tools streamline processes and enhance the reliability of evidence management.
Anywhere Access

Anywhere Access

SAFE is a browser-based evidence software solution that allows you to enter, view and edit records, print reports, barcodes, and more via the web browser or dedicated web app. Officers can enter evidence in the field. Custodians can perform audits, inventories, and inspections without being tethered to their desks. And, all assigned chain-of-custody team members - from Lab Techs to Police Chiefs - are updated in real-time no matter where they are. This flexibility ensures seamless and efficient evidence management across various roles and locations.
Education and Support

Education and Support

We deliver extensive support with implementation and ongoing assistance, ensuring users can fully leverage the capabilities SAFE has to offer, but we don’t stop there. The Evidence Management Institute (EMI) provides comprehensive resources for evidence management professionals. These include an active community forum, a free E-Health Check assessment, and a detailed Evidence Management Comparison Worksheet. EMI offers free training videos, and webinars covering best practices and tips for improving operations.
Doug Eager, Erlanger Police Department

Who uses SAFE evidence tracker?

SAFE is relied upon by Police Departments from Maine to California, State Highway Patrols, Sheriff’s Offices, and Federal Agencies including the Department of Homeland Security. While it’s built specifically for Law Enforcement, SAFE's flexibility extends its use to many other sectors. It's also trusted by the U.S. Army and Navy, Law Firms, Forensic Labs, Hospitals, Museums, Universities, and Willed Body Programs. What do they all have in common? They need an efficient system to track the collection, processing, and storage of information—from inventories to case histories. Their solution? They chose our evidence management system: The Tracker Products revolutionary browser-based, chain of custody, evidence tracking software.

Clients Include

Software Features

  • Automated Workflow
  • Dashboard and Visualization
  • Auto Disposition
  • Org Item Sharing
  • Advanced Search
  • Custom Fields and Permissions
  • User Tasking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Report Templates
  • The SAFE App

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