One view to rule them all.


VANTAGE: Forensic and Asset Management

Collect and manage assets, custodial collection, and ultimately the chain of custody.


Tracker Products has been providing industry leaders with best in practice chain of custody for over ten years. Vantage is currently the premier evidence management engine for the leaders in the corporate and forensic industry; worldwide for Digital Investigations, E-Discovery and Historical Custodial information.

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Chain of Custody

Without a viable chain of custody the data collection process could be useless due to a lack of proof of traceable custodianship. Vantage provides a detailed and foolproof chain of custody for every project to assure that your data will stand up to the scrutiny of the opposition.

The Chain of Custody is an integral part of the custodial historical information, collection, management, and disposition of an evidentiary asset. It is amazing so many are utilizing spread sheets like electronic post it notes to manage this critical component.


With Vantage, historical custodial information may be obtained by utilizing the asset management tool that is directly built in.

Integration with collection tools, support desk software, HR software and litigation software is why we say, “Vantage..One tool to view them all.


Everything you need to integrate with the industry’s leading solutions and your in-house software is made available to you in our well documented API – making Vantage an unmatched software solution.

Integrate with as many solutions that you need to and gain a real time saving solution and integrity when it comes to producing a chain of custody.

Devices + Custodians + Support + Human Resource + Legal

VANTAGE is the one tool that allows your agency to view the status of all assets, evidence, and custodial possessions. It works like an asset manager with a law degree.


Technology Partners

Through our trusted partners we have relationships with leading technology resources to help you manage a secure cloud infrastructure that is awarded well designed archetechture status. Choose you needed security platform.

Channel Partners

We work closely with value-added resellers across the globe to ensure you have access to our leading security and investigative solutions.

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Accreditation and Training

With more than 10 years of laboratory evaluation experience, ATX provides a full range of services to meet the needs of your ISO 17025 goals. We believe an ISO management system can provide enormous benefits in consistency and resilience, enhance performance, improve timeliness, and reduce costs. ATX respects your authority and sensitivities and uses our knowledge to help implement the standard without enacting undesirable change or instability. Employing a simple and understandable method, an ATX consultant can drastically cut down the investment of time, money, and resources required to properly prepare for accreditation. Contact ATX today.

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VANTAGE Overview

Whether you work for a global corporation or a small forensic shop, Vantage is just the tool you need to complete your tool box. Tracker Products provides you with both a simple and affordable solution for managing assets, custodial information and all the evidence you must collect. Tracker Products is the recognized leader in evidence management software and allows you the ability to integrate with other tools to meet your needs.


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