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State of the art barcode tracking software with several features fit for law enforcement teams managing evidence. View Software.


Legacy e-discovery collection software built custom to adapt to every asset management need. Legacy Software.


Completely redesigned collection software offering many new, useful features for e-discovery teams managing assets. View Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each software is armed with an arsenal of features, such as the ability to store digital and physical evidence side by side, access to real-time data along with agency overviews, and an airtight chain of custody that works across any device. To learn more about each software, view their product page.
Law enforcement agencies such as the Boston, Omaha, and St. Louis Police Departments, as well as the Secret Service, Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, trust SAFE as their Evidence Management Software. Enterprise level organizations such as VistaPrint, Adobe, and Apple, as well as business like Best Buy and Access Data use VANTAGE for their Collection and Asset Management Software needs.
Law enforcement agencies choose SAFE as their most valued software tool, while other collection firms such as e-discovery and asset tracking agencies are best fit for VANTAGE. Each software is built to meet the needs of a different agency type, allowing for customized fields and tailored systems.
Each software provides a free version of the product, allowing you to view and test the software before considering alternative pricing options. You can learn more about each software’s pricing by visiting their product page.

Visit each page or contact a software specialist to learn more.