SAFE offers a variety of features that allow agencies to get the most out of their evidence management systems. Whether they be time savers, visual data representations, or security measures, these features will help your agency reach it’s true potential and become efficient and accurate; the way evidence management should be.


Our intuitive interface allows you to investigate your cases and go over important evidence in real time. You can access and analyze important statistics, track evidence, view digital images, transfer files, send and receive email alerts, retrieve and review data, perform system audits, and more. The SAFE dashboard is also completely customizable, so you can modify it according to your agency’s unique needs for an even more streamlined work.

Mobile App

We know that modern police departments and law enforcement agencies are often out in the field. With the SAFE mobile app, you can collect and digitize evidence with a simple click, saving you valuable time and making your job more convenient. Our innovative barcode function allows you to tag and identify each piece of evidence by scanning it. You can also review and analyze important data while on the go.


You’ve got a lot on your plate. Our system makes your job easier by automating alerts and review dates. SAFE can help you stay on schedule and on task.

RMS/CAD Systems

We stay up to date with the latest in Records Management Systems (RMS) and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) to help you seamlessly switch between SAFE and other systems. We use industry-standard API (Application Programming Interface) models so that you can transfer data, investigate information, and create reports easily.

Digital Evidence

SAFE is one of the only programs that lets you access and examine digital and physical evidence together. Tracking both types side by side can allow you to better make connections and crack cases.


Our dashboard isn’t the only aspect of our evidence management software that’s customizable. You can also use SAFE to compile and create ad hoc reports that meet your needs and suit your preferences. Our sophisticated system allows you to find and retrieve the exact data you need for your next assessment.


We’ve worked to make SAFE as simple and straightforward to use as possible. If you ever have any questions or would like to better understand this software’s advanced functionality, we offer numerous training options. We can teach you the tips and tricks for using SAFE to the fullest.


While other software systems routinely charge for costly updates and add-ons, we automatically include SAFE upgrades for everyone who purchases the program. We want you to be able to immediately utilize every new feature and function that we develop to improve your ongoing experience.