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SAFE software offers a variety of state of the art features, including barcode tracking, evidence logs, and digital evidence entries.

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“Tracker Products has provided me with the most effective solution at the right price. As promised, they delivered a significant savings to my department and I am pleased to report that we have had over one million items successfully imported.” Scott Hayes, Director - Technical Service Bureau, Detroit Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly every client using our software configured their entire production site during a free trial period.  Our priority is to help you do your job in the most efficient and effective way possible, not to land a sale.  Our software specialists will work with you to make sure you fully understand the features and benefits of our product before you ever have to purchase it.  See our pricing plans and get a free 60 day trial of Safe here.

Here at Tracker, we don’t see the point in costly add-ons, upcharges, or barrages of monthly payments that cut into your resources.  Therefore, you’ll never get them from us.  We’ve decided that the best way for you to use our product is without restrictions or limits.  When you use SAFE, you will be given access to it’s full set of features at a price that doesn’t amount to even half of what our competitors will charge you.

If the name didn’t convince you, here’s a few facts that just might.  SAFE is the only evidence management software that handles both digital and physical evidence together.  That means it will not only be easier to use, but when paired with our non-amenable chain of custody, it becomes the dependable resource you rely on.  Our arsenal of EMS FISMA compliant servers and CALEA, CJIS, and IAPE standards have created the most secure and compliant software available.

Support is always within reach with SAFE.  Helpful guides and answers to common questions are directly within the product so you do not have to waste any time while you learn the software.  We won’t leave you out in the open either.  Support calls, chat, and ticket systems will always be available so that we’re with you every step of the way.