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Whether you are a large corporate entity spanning multiple continents, or a small forensic shop, Tracker Products provides you with both a simple and affordable solution for managing the evidence you collect: VANTAGE.

While some organizations use VANTAGE as a global asset manager, it’s really serving a much higher function as a proactive custodial chain of custody; accounting for each device and employee from procurement to end of life. With integrated BYOD registration and management, your IT security can run regular comparisons with network traffic. Our well-documented API lets you pull historical information from support services to record service transaction and Integration with HR software to keep custodial information accurate. The litigation team loves the ability to pull complete custodial information with a simple query, control locks on items-custodians, and manage disposition.

During the collection process and forensic investigation, original evidence, forensic copies and working copies are all tracked through VANTAGE, providing you with the needed integrity when it comes to chain of custody.

Ray Yepes, a partner at ATX Forensics, has the following to say about Chain of Custody:

In 2012, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raided the offices of a Fortune 200 company. The company’s first responders arrived at the scene immediately while ICE was still at the site. Upon their departure, first responders seized all electronic equipment and established chain of custody for all devices at the site, including mobile devices, computers, and removable media. These devices were taken to a forensic laboratory for preservation and storage in a secure facility (evidence room). Months later during the trial, the legitimacy of the forensic images and original equipment came into scrutiny. However, due to the well maintained and detailed Chain of Custody, the judge quickly overturned opposing side’s argument.

Preserving data is becoming more and more challenging given the tremendous volumes, sources, and types of data potentially involved. VANTAGE will help you move away from those unreliable excel spreadsheets and access databases that are nothing more than electronic sticky notes. These are not helpful when historical information is needed. The global litigation team of experts will assist you in properly preserving your data, and will work with you to choose the right tools and processes to ensure all relevant data is collected and remains intact. VANTAGE is constantly working with experts to build better features for the software to ensure your data is safely and defensibly preserved.

Our well architected (AWS, AZURE) cloud infrastructure provides our clients with a flexible and accessible private cloud to ensure data integrity where all actions against the root database are recorded as part of the defensible chain of custody. [Onsite versions are also available.]

VANTAGE offers a single place for historical information to be stored and maintained, including but not limited to emails, forensic drive images, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, and websites.

Today you have several tools to help you perform your collection, but only one tool will work seamlessly with each of forensic tools via API to provide you with the industry’s most trusted chain of custody software.

Some of its many features include:

  • Configurable Permission Groups – Allowing you to restrict views to only vital personnel during internal collections
  • Historical Information Sharing – Allowing outside subject matter experts access without over-granting permissions
  • Multi-locational Asset and Evidence Management
  • Fully Responsive Design – Allowing for complete mobile use within the field
  • Custom Translations – Allowing for agencies to work smoothly across multi-lingual departments

Managing assets and evidence digitally is serious business. But don’t take our word for it…

Santiago Ayala, the 2014 Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year says,

When I train personnel or get asked about chain of custody and evidence intake, I usually like to compare it to structural engineering. A solid foundation will allow you to build a strong structure. When handling evidence, proper chain of custody will allow you to demonstrate who, when, how and what was preserved, collected, or processed.

In God We Trust… Everything else gets tracked!
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Matt Pearson

Matt Pearson is currently serving as the Professional Services Director for Tracker Products LLC. He has been an essential contributor to the concept and development process for both SAFE and VANTAGE, as well as a vitally important member of the lead team here at Tracker.