Tracker Products Training & Certification

In Events by Geoffrey Pearson

The Tracker Products Certification classes will be held at six regional locations to serve our rapidly expanding user base. No other tracking software offers such a rich product with support and certification classes, providing our users with unparalleled ability to utilize the tracking features. Hundreds of leading practitioners come together to share and give solutions for identification, preservation, review, collection, production and management of assets, evidence and electronic data.

This Year’s Topics Include:

  • New Product Announcements
  • SAFE Features
  • Software Certification
  • Automatic Disposition
  • Mobile Collection and Disposition
  • Process to achieve ever more with ever less
  • Implementing sound legal hold processes
  • Digital Media Storage

Pose questions directly to expert presenters, and come away with advice and best practices that will help you do your job better. Network with colleagues, users, and seasoned professionals in a relaxed, educational environment. Seek advice on how to become accredited, stream-line processes, and best practices in your fields of evidence, eDiscovery, and asset management.

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